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Buyer Beware

If you are reading this, I give you credit for doing your research. My complaints are specific to one auction item and other's experiences vary. Please review other feedbacks of ebay buyers before reaching a conclusion:

I am Mike Passerotti, ebay podracer_1. You can contact me at

Summary: My purchase functioned as expected for two days and then failed to opperate. So I contacted the seller to discuss what went wrong. I'm an experienced consumer electronics technician. I was surprised by the failed repair work, but not too surprised because I had made the same mistake myself some years back. I contacted the seller to discuss the issues because the item was described as:

Details: 01)Electronically Rates "10" (The Display & All Machine Pushbuttons, Slide Switches, Foot Pedal Controls Communicate); 02)Cosmetically Rates "8.0" (Overall Appearance); 03)Mechanically Rates "10" (All Operations Are Fluid). Details: 04)One Transcription Machine; 05)One Model No. 142795 Foot Pedal (With Fast Forward, Play & Rewind Control Pads, Cosmetically Rates "8.5"); 06)Uses A Standard Size Cassette; 07)Three Front Slide Switches: Volume, Tone & Speed; 08)Ten Top Pushbuttons: On/Stand By, Telephone, Conference, Speaker, Eject, Stop, Rewind, Fast Forward, Reset, & Erase; 09)No Headset; 10)No Microphone; 11)No Owner’s Manual; 12)No Cover; 13)Power Requirements; 117 Volts AC 60 Hz 35 Amps (Fixed Three Prong Power Cord); 14)Approx. Total Weight: 11 Pounds; 15)Machine Dimensions (HWD): 3 3/4" x 10 7/8" x 9 1/8"; 16)

My orginal email 1/15/2002:

Before I submit a feed back on the dictaphone I want to give you a chance to answer some questions.

The dictaphone has been serviced by someone. There are specific evidences of the service. The service included the use of a chemical that is commonly used to restore the surface of rubber parts to make them usable. The tricky part about using the chemical is to not leave it on too long and to not use too much. If the chemical is used wrong, the rubber part turns to goo. The dictaphone is not usable because of this exact problem. I noticed a slight problem with the rewind to begin with. And then later the machine locked up because two rubber parts that had become goo got stuck together preventing tape reel movement. I am very dissatisfied with the product. I'm an electronic repair tech myself and I'm attempting to aquire the repair parts. This time I'm spending on the repair should be unnecessary based on the descriptions provided in the auction.

The destruction of the rubber parts are the direct result of a repair performed incorrectly. I know because I've made the same mistake in the past. I hold you, the seller accountable for the error.

Please tell me the history of the repair, who performed the repair and what you propose to do about the unusable auction item.

Mike Passerotti - alias podracer_1

I had no response to my email so I sent the same message two more times.

1/16/2002 - Please respond. Mike Passerotti - Software Engineer <orginal message included>
1/17/2002 - You already have one compliant about not answering email. I give you until Friday, January 25th to reply. <orginal message included>

I did get his attention and got a repy on 1/18/2002.

DICTAPHONE 2870 Electronic Dictating Machine
eBAY ITEM # 1682137927
Bid Start Date: Dec-25-01 @ 13:50:04 PST
Bid End Date: Jan-04-02 @ 13:50:04 PST

01) 1st FEEDBACK CHALLENGE Received: 1/15/2002 @ 9:24:45 AM PST

02) 2nd FEEDBACK CHALLENGE Received: 1/16/2002 @ 9:40:56 AM PST

03) 3rd FEEDBACK CHALLENGE Received: 1/17/2002 @ 12:43:31 PM PST

04) Sorry Michael, We Are Very Busy Per Our eBAY Listings (As Your Investigative Talents Have Seen).

05) We WILL GET TO YOUR CONCERNS This Weekend WHEN WE ARE FREE To Address Your Concerns.


07) Also We ARE NOT INTIMATED (intimidated) By The THREE E-MAILS You Have SUBMITTED To Date.

08) If You Like, You Can SLOW DOWN & Become MORE TACTFUL In Your DOCUMENTED STATEMENTS, We Do Not Have A HEARING PROBLEM. We Are Fully Aware Your Concerns BY NOW. We Are A M.E. (With Degree, Not Your Average Housewife, Does Your Story FLY) FYI Since You Like Enclosing JOB DESCRIPTIONS & SOFTWARE DEGREE Information In Your Communications; It Also Appears You Have Some EGO CONCERNS).

09) There Is ANOTHER SIDE To The STORY You Have Presented.

Thanks & Have A Nice Day ( / podracer_1 (2))



I have not received any communication as of Feb. 4 to satisfy my chief complaint that the unit is not functional and a complete waste of money. I waited passed January 25, 2002 to post the negative feedback. I will not make any other purchases from and I recommend that you carefully consider what it is you are buying from before committing to a bid.

January 26, 2002: I found that the seller left a very disturbing response to my complaint. So I sent the following email to the seller.

Why the personal attacks? You sold me a defective item, I asked questions, I gave you ample time to respond.

So my feedback of,
"BEWARE - unanswered email, DEFECTIVE ITEM!! contact me for more details"",
has no personal attacks, was fair and truthful.

Now you attack me with lies. Your feedback of,
"NOT TRUTHFUL, Item Rubber Was Fine, GUY TRIED 3 INTIMIDATING E-MAILS, NOT SMART." is a low blow. You've attacked my integrity, lied about the rubber being fine, and suggest I'm not smart enough to handle this off-line. I tried to handle this off-line. You didn't answer.

I ask that you add one more comment retracting the personal attacks. Be polite for once. You haven't refunded my money for a defective item and I'm not pushing or threatening. I would like to have my money back because the tape machine is useless.

So I left an answer to the seller's personal attack,
"TRUTH: Rubber parts are destroyed, No refund, no answers, NASTY attitude seller"

What do you think?