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Reunion News

Final Newsletter No. 6 August 15, 2001
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The reunion on August 4th, 2001 is over and we had a great time! Reunion 2002 The initial scheduling for the next reunion is the first Saturday in August (3rd). We will converge on Charlotte, NC.


  • Tommy was with Mike, Sharon, Alicia, Elijah and Joshua already.
  • Susi, Liz, Emma and Genelle made it to Cincinnati first on Monday.
  • Mom, Dad, Marieann, and Kelley were only 4 hours later than that on Monday.
  • We picked Clint up at the airport Tuesday evening.
  • Gini, Andrew, Jolynn, and Anthony went directly to the campground Tuesday.
  • George rode his bike into town on Wednesday. We had a George pool for when he might arrive. Mom won the pool.
  • Michael went directly to the campground Thursday from the airport.
  • Ed and Julie arrived Thursday.
  • Ken and Ashlee arrived Thursday.
  • Ron and Sandra arrived Thursday.
  • Skip, Kathleen, Jennafer, Jerikah and Monica arrived Thursday.
  • Lori, Tina and Amanda arrived Friday.
  • Raymond and Audrey arrived Friday.
  • Linda and Virginia arrived Saturday.
  • Pat arrived Saturday.
    The general consensus was that directions could have been better.

    During the week

    Everyone stayed close to Mike & Sharon's new home. There was an option to stay overnight at the apartment, but nobody went. We all managed to find a place to crash in beds, sofas, chairs and floor space. Those who didn't stay at the house weren't too far away. A group went to The Beach Water Park on Thursday. Those who didn't go had fun in Mr. Soaker (an elaborate water sprinkler shaped like a dinosaur). Almost everyone went to King's Island on Friday. Everyone turned out for the picnic on Saturday, although we weren't sure if Clint would find the park or not.

    The house in Maineville lost power on Tuesday so we escaped the heat at Pizza Hut. We also celebrated Emma's birthday with cake at Pizza Hut. We got a backup generator to keep the refrigerator going because we didn't want to lose all that food for the reunion. Not even one ice cube melted so the generator was worth it.

    We played games and talked so much that Mom almost lost her voice. There were hugs for everyone and I don't think anyone was left out.

    The week went safely and the most injuries were reported from riding roller coasters at King's Island. It seems that the major roller coasters will bruise you because they're that violent. We thank God that all travel to and from Cincinnati was safe.

    Picnic Day

    Some highlights: more than enough food, mild temperatures, Frisbee tossing (no Frisbee golf), Whiffle ball game, Skittles games, only one or two pesky wasps, photo session, more hugs, surprise quilt gift to Mom and Dad, water rocket blast off, water playground fun, Nerf ball tossing, bike riding, talking, talking, and more talking.

    Ken Smealie was first to publish pictures. You can find them on the web at

    From John and Fran

    It was so much fun to see everyone together. The reunion quilt was a lovely surprise. Thank you all so much for your love and care. Thanks to Sharon, Mike and Terri for making the quilt. There's nothing you all could have done that would have pleased me more. We are thankful that everyone made it there and back safely. It was great to visit with family and to renew old friendships. A special HUGE THANK YOU goes to Mike and Sharon for all their planning and hospitality. Because of all your hard work things went smoothly and everyone had a wonderful time (after we found the places we were going to, that is! hehe). We are really looking forward to getting together next year in Charlotte. Y'all come, y'hear???


    My favorite quote came from Marieann; "If I had the last three days to do all over again, I'd do them exactly the same." The same goes for me.

    Word to the wise: Don't move so close to the reunion.

    We wished that all of you all could have been there.