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Rocket Pop! Mike Passerotti
(513) 505-6545

Congratulations on your purchase of a Rocket Pop water rocket launch pad. Read the safety instructions before attempting to launch a water rocket.

Your launch pad is designed to give you freedom to build and launch your own rockets. Never forget that compressed air stores large amounts of energy that can be destructive if it is not respected. Read the safety instructions.

Launch Pad This launch pad accepts a nozzle from a standard soda bottle neck. Some soda bottles may not fit because the inside diameter of the neck may vary and the flange diameter on the neck may vary. Do not force a soda bottle onto the launch pad if it does not fit.

The launch tube is optional and can be made to many different lengths fitting 16oz, 20oz, 1 liter, 2 liter bottles, or even a 4 foot light tube rocket. The clamp down mechanism seals the end of the nozzle against a rubber garden hose washer or gasket. The rubber gaskets wear out in time and a seal can be restored with a new gasket.

A small release pull on the spring loaded handle will launch the rocket. Do not over pull because the base may break off. Use the string provided on the handle to keep clear of the launch pad when launching.

Assembly Instructions:
1. Attach the 3 capped, 1 foot, sections to the outer T-joints on the launch stand.
2. Attach the main launch assembly to the center T-joint on the launch stand.
3. Slip a garden hose gasket onto the small end of the launch tube and insert the launch tube into the top of the launch pad.
4. Clip the 10-foot string to the hole in the launch handle.
5. Secure the launch stand to the ground with stakes.

Launch Procedure:
1. Fill the water rocket 1/3 to full with water.
With the water valve option, you can fill rocket on the pad after clamping down the lever.
2. Pull the launch handle up to fully extend the bottle clamps.
3. Put the rocket on the pad. Slide the rocket down to the bottom of the launch tube.
4. Push the lever down all the way until it locks. You may need to guide the rocket into position as you clamp down.
5. Attach a bicycle pump or air tank to the valve stem.
6. Pressurize the rocket by pumping on the bicycle pump, or transfering air from the air tank.
7. Make sure everyone is standing at least 10 feet from the launch pad. Pull string to launch using a short, quick pull.